Established at Surabaya, 2001, CV. INDO JAYA PUTRA, which known as IJP, was a trading company for food chemical. At the first time, IJP was trading food color, and for then, as the growth, Mr. Sugijanto, as the owner have an idea to build his own color blending which named Unicol. As a specialist in color blending, whatever your specification and quantity desire, we will try our best to meet your desire, because IJP is a customer oriented company which has objective to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. As well as a specialist in color blending, 4 we also trade other chemical like Sodium Bicarbonate, Capsicum, Acetic Acid, etc., from local and abroad such as China, India, Taiwan, Norway and other countries.

And now, by embracing small to large business companies, we trade more chemical and covered more region in Indonesia by opening representative office at Semarang that cover Central of Indonesia and at Jakarta to cover western of Indonesia. Our representative offices were equipped with effective warehouse design for chemical, own delivery fleets, and online database system to ensure that every customer get their stuff on time.

On the top of everything else, our friendly crew are among the more knowledgeable and respect ones, they will take care of your order with carefully. We believe that being a trusted company is to build a great relationship, because trust is earn from a long relationship. And for us, a great relationship is about three things; communication, respect, and trust. Without communication there is no relationship, without respect there is no affection; without trust there is no reason to continue. With a good system, decentralized operation, and prudent business philosophy, the company can expand its operation not just only trading food chemical but also other chemical.

Our Vision

  • To be a leader of regional trading company for chemical.

Our Mission

  • IJP as a customer oriented company will try to fulfill whatever be your specification or quantity needs.
  • Making a good system and team work to increase customer satisfaction and continuous supply.
  • Keep making innovation and continuous quality improvement for customer satisfaction.

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