CV. INDO JAYA SUKSES ABADI is a plastic glove factory (HDPE) that established in September 2018 at Pergudangan Mutiara Tambak Langon B14 Surabaya – Jawa Timur. This company is built to support CV. INDO JAYA PUTRA, the first company of the unicorp which focusing in trading food chemical and agriculture.

At the start, CV. INDO JAYA SUKSES ABADI produce specific glove made by order and then , as the time goes on,we began to produce plastic glove for retail and named INAGLOVE. With newest machine, we can produce with high speed and best sealed quality. Our product is equipped with MSDS, Food Grade certificate and Halal certificate from MUI, this glove can be used for many activities, for example Hair coloring, painting, cleaning, cooking, etc.

The raw material of this glove is HDPE (High-density Polyethylene). There are 2 types of gloves by the length: the short one (27-29 cm) and the long one (47 cm), the thickness has 3 different types which is 8 micron, 10 micron and 25 micron. And the surface can be plain or emboss. For the colour,it can be natural, blue or others. We will support any customer needs with any requirement. In the future, we will produce more brand with different specs.

  • Be a market leader for plastic glove for industry.
  • Developing human resources to innovate and work effective and efficient.
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction by giving the best quality product and service.
  • Increasing quality and production cappasity to fulfill the customer need.
  • Create more product and Growing the marketplace with engaging more distributor.
  • Finding competitive raw material that can make the production more efficient.
  • Throughout Indonesia


is a glove made from HDPE plastic (High-Density Polyethylene), or biodegradable. We have two types of gloves which are plain and embossed gloves.

Our products consist of several color choices such as natural (clear), blue, and other colors on request. We serve the needs of the size, thickness, and color according to customer requests.

Our Specification
No Type Ingredient Length (cm) Thickness (mikron) Colour
1 Plain HDPE or Biodegradable 27 - 29 8, 10, 25 Natural, Biru, Custom
2 Emboss 47
3 Plain HDPE or Biodegradable 27 - 29
4 Emboss 47